Effective packaging/crating solutions offer more than just product protection

Effective packaging/crating solutions offer more than just product protection

We have written several blog posts relating to how to make sure a product gets shipped so it arrives dry, corrosion free and without damage.   For large, one of a kind shipments of very expensive equipment, these considerations would constitute the largest part of the design consideration.   But for other situations, where there is repeated, ongoing needs for shipping a product, much more is needed to have a good packaging system.    The following are other features for products that need to be shipped on a regular basis. 

Easy to Load and unload:   Standard crating or heavy duty packaging boxes can be difficult to load for heavy, bulky or odd shaped items.   Difficult to load packaging systems can lead to safety and ergonomic issues as well poor efficiency.   Many of our custom solutions are specifically designed to make loading and crating easier.   Unloading can present the same ergonomic issue as well as problems unique to uncrating or packing.  Often pry bars or special tools are needed to remove nails screws or clips.  

Below are a couple of videos that demonstrates a few packaging solutions that are easy to load and unload:



Cleanliness:  There are lots of ways to cushion packages, but not as many ways to cushion in a way that is clean, easy to handle and economical.   Foam “peanuts” or air bags are great for cushioning but will create a mess when unloading.   Many of our clients need to unload product in clean room conditions which requires minimal dust, residue, and material shavings.  Spraying liquid foam over an assembly can do a great job of protection but for repeated use, unpacking can be a mess.  Special cut/assembled foam cushioning systems are designed for ease of use and reusability while keeping the area clean.   The video below shows just a few packagin concepts with custom foam inserts.

 Storage:  Some packaging solutions are very bulky and require a lot of storage space.   Packaging systems that are collapsible will minimize space requirements.   Packnet also offers a packaging kitting service (shown in first video) where Packnet delivered a kitted packaging system on a JIT basis.   Packnet offers a variety of standard and custom engineered packaging solutions that are collapsible and easy to store. 

As you can see from these videos, Packnet has the capability to creatively engineer custom packaging solutions that not only protect the product, but address a lot of other issues that a business faces when shipping or handling product.


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