Environmental concerns may require reusable packaging solutions

Environmental concerns may require reusable packaging solutions

Global warming has been a significant topic of discussion for nearly a decade.   While debate continues, many countries, including the US are now committed to implement regulations that reduce carbon emissions.  There is no material today that is produced without creating some carbon emission.  Energy is consumed by converting raw materials into the final product whether it be lumber, plastic or metal.   There is much discussion regarding which materials emit the lowest level of carbon during its full life cycle, but all materials have a carbon footprint.

While manufactures and fabricators are working to reduce carbon emissions during the harvesting and fabrication of base materials, reusable packaging and crating makes a lot of sense for taking the reduction to the next level.   Reusable packaging and crating systems reduce natural resource consumption and thereby reduce carbon emissions regardless of the material sets chosen.   Highly durable packaging systems will have more reusability and therefore be reduce carbon emissions

Packnet offers a variety of custom packaging and crating solutions that are reusable.  These solutions include:

The above products are just some of the ways that Packet can design and fabricate a custom packaging solution that is fully reusable.  Sometimes a totally unique solution is required to meet your exact needs.  Packnet has the full design, fabrication and material knowledge to create a completely unique solution to meet your packaging need.

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