Free Packaging Audit With Packnet

FREE Packaging Audit

Free Packaging Audit With Packnet

Have you ever thought about your current packaging solutions? At Packnet, we provide a free packaging audit to organizations wanting to review their current and future packaging needs.

What is a packaging Audit?

A packaging audit is where our team evaluates your current packaging solutions and identifies potential improvements and suggestions on how your packaging could reduce cost, space, and other aspects of your overall logistics initiatives.

How Does A Packaging Audit Work?

A Packnet representative will first meet and listen to you to understand what your company produces and ships domestically or internationally.  Our primary focus of the packaging audit is based on a tour of your plant. This allows us to have a more in-depth conversation where we can discuss vital information to understand your current situation.

During our visit, we want to understand your organization’s wants and needs, likes and dislikes. We observe your process in full swing. We review packaging materials, designs, volumes, and processes. While asking about reusable packaging materials, how about alternative materials?

Our team will then returns to our plant to analyze and collaborate on our findings. Once we have determined the best packaging solutions for your organization, we will present those findings to your team. This process only takes a few days, so your organization can have the information and solutions they need as quickly as possible.

 Why do we offer this?

We look to create long-term strategic customers that mutually benefit all parties. There is no cost or obligation for the first consultation and general packaging review.   Depending on the complexity and scope of work to be reviewed, additional fees may depend upon each unique situation.

What’s in it for You?

A minimal time investment may create significant improvements to the business.

Examples are:

  • Cost savings through materials and labor reductions due to process changes.
  • Cost savings through damage reduction and returns or lost customers
  • Potential for just-in-time delivery or Kanban programs can reduce space and create savings.
  • Improved safety (We offer solutions that can reduce or eliminate potential hazards such as nail guns that can create injuries)

You’re getting an experienced team working with packaging and processing solutions. We design and produce solutions from materials such as wood, plastic, corrugated, foam, and more. Our testing lab certifies packaging designs to ISTA standards. We have over 180 locations worldwide and resources available to help improve your business.

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