Gemstar Hard-sided Cases

Gemstar Hard-sided Cases

2015 Pricing, New Sizes and Testing

We know how important it is to have confidence in the packaging you’ve chosen to get your expensive pieces of equipment to their destination accurately and safely. That’s why our hard-sided cases, with custom foam inserts that are fully customized to your specs, or our design, offer the best options.

We only work with the best manufacturing companies available to provide incredibly durable cases that may be crushproof, watertight and moisture resistant. These reusable cases are built to withstand multiple impacts and hold up to the harshest conditions the outside environment can dish out.

Many standard case sizes are readily available and custom sizes may be produced as well. We can easily fabricate customized foam inserts or supply shipping cases with layered foam pads that can be cut and removed to create your own foam cavities within the case. Some standard features and options include pull-out handles, recessed wheels, hinges, ramps, easy press, and pull latches, as well as a variety of security lock methods.

Our Gemstar line of hard-sided cases is a great choice for customization. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a solution for even the most unique and demanding requirements. On applications with high performance specifications, we are up to the task of both supporting the initial design and of qualifying the resulting custom solution.

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Let Packnet help you design a specialized hard-sided shipping case that fits your specific needs and provides you peace of mind knowing your goods are in our hands.

Contact a Packnet sales representative with questions or pricing at 952.944.9124 or email [email protected].


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