Gemstar Shipping Cases will Protect You from Baggage Handlers

Gemstar Shipping Cases will Protect You from Baggage Handlers

Back in 2009, Dave Carroll, lead musician in a Canadian band called “Sons of Maxwell” had a bad experience on a United Airline flight connection inChicago.   His expensive guitar was broken as it was being loaded onto the airplane.  Dave and his band watched in horror from the airplane as they saw the ground crew tossing their guitars onto the conveyor.    It is an interesting story, because after getting nowhere with United, he made a video about the incident.  To make a long story short, the video went viral with over 10 million views, Dave appeared on several television shows to talk about it and United Airlines ended up paying for the repair.

Baggage or package damage on flights is an unfortunate reality for most travelers.   For business travelers with expensive equipment to lug around, damage can be a show stopper.  You simply cannot afford the risk of arriving at your destination with your valuable equipment damaged.

 Gemstar makes shipping containers that are durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble baggage handling in any airport.  Delicate equipments can be encased in protective foam inserts inside a durable ejection molded cases that are airtight, waterproof and dust proof.  Gemstar cases can be customized to meet many needs. Packnet stocks and fabricates a wide variety of foam types and densities to complete a truly custom foam interior to meet your needs. 

Packnet proudly distributes Gemstar Cases, they can be ordered on line, or you can call us if you have some highly customized needs.   When transporting expensive and sophisticated equipment for field use or sales demonstrations, you can’t afford to arrive with damaged equipment, even if the airlines are willing to compensate you. 

For your viewing enjoyment, you can view the video here:

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