High end PE for custom foam packaging

High end PE for custom foam packaging

Packnet uses many different types of foams for custom packaging. Durability, cushioning, cost, reusability and density are just a few of the considerations when selecting the best foam for the job.

Cross linked polyethylene and extruded polyethylene are two of the more common foams used for challenging requirements. The two foam types are interchangeable for many applications as both have good cushioning ability and can be die cut or water jet cut. Cross linked PE has more durability and compression strength, extruded PE is good where heat bonding is required. Below is a table that compares the foams for each type of application:

ApplicationCross linked PEExtruded PE
End CapsNot usedPreferred
When heat bonding is requiredGoodPreferred
When cosmetic appearance is importantPreferredNot desirable
For products that are scratch sensitivePreferredNot desirable
Reusable packagingPreferredNot desirable
Pressure sensitive adhesive bondingPreferredNot desirable
For cleanroom applicationsPreferredNot desirable
Extreme coldGoodGood
For die cuttingGoodGood
Water Jet cuttingPreferredGood
Durability requiredPreferredNot desirable
ESD sensitive partsNot desirableNot desirable

Product with Cross linked PE Foam


Extruded PE Foam

Packet develops custom foam packaging solutions for a variety of industries and applications including shipping cases, reusable shipping containers, one way shipping containers storage containers and more. Markets for these custom solutions include medical, electronics, machinery, military, test equipment and consumer items.

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