How Custom Packaging Saves Money at Tradeshows

How Custom Packaging Saves Money at Tradeshows

Trade Show Crate ImageWe’ve outlined how custom packaging can save you money by protecting your valuable products during shipment to a tradeshow, but the opportunities for cost-efficiency go beyond product damage.  This is especially true for larger tradeshows that run events for more days than the actual show takes place. Let’s look at one as an example.

The recent CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference is an annual event that attracts thousands of people in underground asset damage prevention. It’s the most important tradeshow of the year for the industry. The actual conference is Tuesday – Thursday, and Tuesday’s schedule doesn’t begin until later in the afternoon. Events begin on Monday, and many exhibitors choose to set up their booths that day as well.

What you need to consider about this scenario:

Many companies will send a management team to the show along with some other key employees. Management will have minimal participation in tending the booth during the conference. Other employees, like the sales team, will be the primary contacts for booth visitors. These employees also set up and take down the booth.

Most exhibitors unpack numerous boxes or containers to set up. These vary in degrees of organization; the less organized packing was, the longer it takes to set up the booth. The more boxes to unpack, the longer it takes to find pieces that fit together. This use of time doesn’t seem notable because the team has all of Monday and part of Tuesday to get organized and put together.


If the team had a custom crate that organized everything during the packing phase, they would accomplish four things:

  1. Minimize the chance of forgetting anything (and the unnecessary cost of substituting. One company spent $60 on a cab ride to get $2 bolts for their TV – which they later discovered was damaged during transit)
  2. Keep all electronics and other important equipment better protected
  3. Possibly eliminate the need to bring a container as a carryon (if it’s overweight and over height, it’s an extra $300 to check)
  4. Setup time is drastically reduced

If it’s easy, predictable, and fast, a Monday setup is unnecessary. How many people could wait until Tuesday to arrive if setup is a cinch? Three people’s rooms for one night at the recent CGA cost almost $1,000. Food at the resort is also pricey. Is it beneficial for you to shave off an entire day of expenses for two or three employees every single year?

At the end of the day, cost isn’t the only benefit of optimizing your shipping container. It makes teardown, shipping, and the bill of lading much easier. There’s less confusion, less room for mistakes, and a lot more energy for an enthusiastic presentation at the show.

If a custom container would cut tradeshow expenses and headaches for your company, work with an expert. Packnet’s engineers can design packaging that not only custom-fits your items, but also best fits your budget. Contact us or request a free assessment: 952-944-9124.

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