How Custom Tradeshow Crates Improve your Whole Vendor Experience

How Custom Tradeshow Crates Improve your Whole Vendor Experience

Trade Show Crate ImageTradeshows are a great opportunity to show off your products and get leads. For some business owners, the products they display are big, heavy, and quite expensive. Getting the pieces to and from the show undamaged can be a great concern. If something breaks, not only are you out the cost of the display, but you also can’t dazzle the attendees with a working product.

This is something that MNIMA LLC experienced. They specialize in state-of-the-art LED illumination for ambient, accent, and task lighting. The products they needed to show were heavy, and even minimal damage would ruin the aesthetics of the pieces. Tradeshows are tremendous opportunities for MNIMA, so they needed to ensure the pieces arrived in pristine condition.

Customizing the product crates ended up giving this company more than just peace of mind.

For starters, the company they hired to design the crates, Packnet, was able to coordinate shipping the crates directly from their facility so that the company representative didn’t have to research and compare quotes from other vendors. This was in immense time and stress saver.

When the employees arrived at the show, they saw other vendors struggling with crushed crates and broken pieces. Despite bracing and supporting their products, other vendors weren’t able to fully protect their valuable lights with standard crates. Packnet’s custom crates provided complete and perfect protection for MNIMA.

What the company reps didn’t expect was the ease in opening and setting up their displays. Other vendors took note of the custom crates. MNIMA representative Steve Holzgraefe said,

The surrounding exhibitors were as fascinated by the crates as they were the lighting pieces. Unpacking was so simple – flip the butterfly latches — boom, boom, boom — — lift the piece out, and we’re done while everyone else was just starting to use drills to unscrew their own crates.”

The crates themselves allowed Holzgraefe and his associates extra time to properly prepare their displays, handouts, and everything else they needed to collect leads. They didn’t have to keep track of extra tools or hardware. Just as easily as they were able to unpack and set up, they could put everything away and be on their way home at the end of the tradeshow.

Best of all, the crates are reusable. From now on, getting pieces to and from tradeshows will be incredibly easy and safe. No one has to stress over damaged displays, and no one has to spend time finding other solutions.

If you need ease and peace of mind for your tradeshow displays, connect with Packnet. Our engineers are experts at designing the perfect packaging for every kind of cargo. Our resources include everything we need, like waterjet-cut foam, to provide an innovative and effective solution for you. Call us at 952-944-9124 or request a free assessment.

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