How environmentally safe are corrosion protection products?

How environmentally safe are corrosion protection products?

Sometimes we get asked the following question about our corrosion protection products: “Just how environmentally friendly and safe are these products?”  The answer is that all our Cortec products are environmentally friendly, safe for humans and animals and are generally safe for most metal coatings, plastics, foams and paper products. 

There are over a 100 products to choose from so we can find the exact product you need based on all your needs.  Some of the questions that we would ask:

  • What materials are used in and around the product?
  • How long does the protection need to last (ie just during transport or for long term storage?
  • What kind of corrosive elements are we likely to see?
  • What temperature extremes are we likely to see?
  • What materials make up the composition of the product and components?
  • What are the practical limitations for applying the corrosive protection product?

The answer to the above questions will help us determine the chemical composition of the corrosion protections, what the best application method and removal method is.

Corrosion protection products can be applied by spraying, dipping, foaming, wiping or wrapping.  The materials can come in liquid, foam, powders, shrink wraps or coated paper and other methods.

There are also a variety of materials and methods for removing the corrosion treatments when required or desired..  The best selection depends again on the answers to the questions above. 

Packnet will also analyze your shipping and packaging needs to engineer the best solution for protecting your products from corrosion in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way.  Packnet sells Cortec products for non transportation applications as well.


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