How Protective Packaging Influences Buyers’ Emotions

How Protective Packaging Influences Buyers’ Emotions

What you protect your product with in its package has strong ramifications on the relationship with your customer.

wood packagingIt’s true: consumers have different emotional responses to various protective packaging. Among them are joy, frustration, relief, and anger – good signs that you should pay attention to what you put in your packaging.

The research was conducted by Package Insight, and used an apparatus measuring over 40 facial movements to evaluate 123 participants as they interacted with corrugated boxes containing various items, like a picture frame and dental floss.

Jim Butschli of Packaging World summarized the study in “Study reveals consumer emotional responses to protective packaging.” He wrote of the process:

“Participants were asked to select how they felt during three critical parcel interaction points—opening, removing the material/products and discarding the packaging. That data was then compared to the emotional response they displayed during each interaction point. Emotions included excitement, neutral, frustration, joy, relief, anger and sadness. In addition to the excitement and joy experienced in opening the package, frustration was also an emotion that was identified.”

The participants dealt with four different protective packaging materials: loose-fill peanuts, paper, square-pattern bubble cushioning, and air pillows. The peanuts proved the most frustrating, as 18% of users were irritated with the material. The bubble cushioning created 0% frustration, and air pillows and paper yielded 5.25% and 3.7% user frustration respectively.

It’s easy to see why packing peanuts would create the most irritation, and it’s worth noting that they also provide the least amount of protection. Butschli goes on to note the importance of protecting the product from damage:

“Beyond emotion tracking, survey questions explored the impact of receiving damaged items. An overwhelming 73% of participants indicated that they would be unlikely to purchase from the company again after receiving a damaged item. Further, product protection was ranked as the ‘most important’ packaging characteristic by 80% of the respondents, as compared to sustainability and ease of product removal.”

So we can see that there is more than one way that protective packaging influences your customer’s satisfaction with your product. In addition to the full protection of shipped goods, the material should be purposeful and efficient. Overall, this keeps your consumers’ emotions positive throughout the entire unpacking process.

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