We are the complete package.

Cushioned Pallet AssemblyOur company’s 27 year history as a small and dedicated operation that focused on transport packaging by engineering and producing wood boxes with very quick turnaround has evolved into an industrial custom packaging design and manufacturer, along with a retail packaging design division, totaling more than 100 years of experience on its staff. It is this experience that provides our customers with the broadest range of specialty packaging and cutting services in the Upper Midwest.

We believe our job involves thinking outside, inside and around the box.

Packaging design is often an afterthought. Many companies tend to focus on product development with little, if any, thought on the packaging. We often help our customers reduce costs and increase profitability by assisting them in planning packaging solutions during their product development. Our industrial packaging design mission is always about achieving a balance between cost containment and product protection in the distribution environment.

We engineer and manufacture packaging of various shapes, sizes and materials including CNC-routered wood products to die cut corrugated plastic parts and containers to waterjet cut foam and plastic components to specialty cases. We focus on manufacturing packaging that can be disposable and reusable. Our reusable packaging comes from materials such as wood, corrugated, foam and plastic.

Packnet has long been committed to recycling materials. We focus on implementing reductions in energy consumption as well as raw materials purchased for our manufacturing processes.

We continue to do more to reduce waste with our reusable packaging products as well as using recycled foam materials. We are committed to being an eco-friendly company and will continually look to make ‘green’ material choices in our business.

Our customer base is diverse, but all of them have one common challenge: they need solutions to save time and money. We know the right packaging is important because it improves handling, minimizes or eliminates damage and reduces overall costs. One thing is for certain we’ll help you achieve the greatest return on your packaging and precision cutting needs.