Are you Guilty of these 4 Packaging No-No’s? They Add up Fast!

on November 15, 2016

slotlockhomelinksWhen your product leaves your facility, rarely are you on the receiving end of the shipment to see how it shows up for your customer. Even rarer is having the point of view of your actual customer – what is the experience you created for him or her?

Your package makes a big impression on your customer, and we all too often forget about the little things – or how costly they can be to our bottom line. Whether there’s an actual cost you can cut or an improvement to your image, check these 4 areas to make sure you aren’t losing big on oversight.

Costs to your Brand

  1. Box/carton damage. Your package can get banged up during transit, and if the box is flimsy, it will look damaged to your customer. This isn’t quite so bad if the product itself has remained intact, but it doesn’t look good for your brand. You want the first thing your customer sees from you to have a quality appearance. A crushed or dented box tells the customer you didn’t care about that package very much.
  1. Too much Tape. If you’re making your box harder to crack than a safe, you’re using too much tape. It’s costly for you, and it’s a real pain for the customer. You do want to ensure that the package stays closed, but don’t give the recipient a two-day project just to get it open.

Money out the Door

  1. Unwisely choosing void fill and not reusing. Bubble wrap, for example, cushions the contents of a package. Do your contents need cushioning? If not, you’re spending money on the wrong fill if you pack it with bubble wrap. Additionally, if you have the chance to reuse your inbound packaging on your outbound packaging, and you’re neglecting to do so, you’re wasting more money than you know. This article gives an example of one company that saved $5,000 a year with reuse.
  1. Your packaging is too big. For convenience sake, it’s easy to use any package you have on hand that’s big enough, especially if the box is for a product you no longer sell. From a cost standpoint, this is a bad idea. Aside from the amount of space the package takes up during shipment, you now also have to waste a lot of fill to compensate for the oversize. If you do this often, you’re literally shipping money out the door.

Identifying opportunities to save money is only the first step. You need to get your staff involved in looking for improvements and they need to be on board with the changes you are making. The best way to get them to accept change is to propose the problems to them and let them help find the solutions. People value what they work hard for.

If you need packaging solutions of any nature, Packnet has you covered. We can recommend the right material, fill, and everything else you’re losing money on. We also custom-design containers and crates for those hard-to-package components. See how we can save your bottom line: 952-944-9124.