Can Foam Improve the Buying Experience and Your Bottom Line?

customfoampackaginginfographicDamage in transit is costly, and not just in direct dollars. Shipping damage can cost you time, labor, saleable items, customer loyalty, and reputation. Therefore, it’s paramount to find the best way to protect your goods. For items that are particularly prone to damage, foam may be a great solution.

While most people are familiar with Styrofoam, there’s actually a lot of foam varieties. Different foams are suitable for different materials, like wood or plastic, and you’ll find foams vary in application, like those suitable for clean rooms or protecting painted parts.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some common foam types. When you’re ready to learn what’s best for you and your business, talk to Packnet. We’ll cover your bases, ensuring you get both the protection you need and the perception of quality that fits your brand. Call us at 952.944.9124 or request a free assessment