Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors are critical for protecting your product during shipping and storage. Packnet is the region’s premier supplier of Cortec vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) products. Cortec is the leader in safe, effective VpCI products. They use the newest chemical technology available to protect material, personnel and the environment.

Cortec’s VpCI’s protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as combinations of metals. They offer a full range of solutions for temporary protection during in-plant processing, medium-term packaging, protection for shipment, and storage or extended protection for lay-up, mothballing and field service. Cortec products effectively protect against humidity and aggressive, corrosive industrial, marine or tropical atmospheres, including salt, acids and sulfur.

Cortec VpCI protected parts are always ready for use. VpCI’s require no removal before processing, installation or use. They don’t alter most material properties, including precision electronic devices. Any size product can be treated. Cortec VpCI’s are multi-functional and easy to apply with efficient delivery systems. They offer improved health, safety and pollution control. The use of VpCI’s eliminates processing steps and extends the life of equipment.

Painting Metal

 metal painting
Urethane Based – Water Based -Wash Primer – 2 Part Epoxy Top Coat

Contact Rust Inhibitors

contact rust inhibitors
VpCI Contact Rust Inhibitors for Storage and Transport. Water Based, Oil Based and Solvent Based

Electrical Component Protection

electronic component protection
Emitter and Spray Contact Protection Systems


metal cleaning
Rust Removal – Equipment and Parts Cleaning

VpCI Packaging

VpCI Packaging Systems
A Comprehesive Catalog of Corrosion Protection Systems Including VpCI Poly Bags, Tubing, Paper and Shrink Film

Oil/ Gas Water Treatment

oil and gas water treatment
VpCI Protection -Water Treatment- Tank, Boiler, Valve and Pipe

Military Specified Products

military cleaning system
Asset Preservation Sytem for Military Applications


Maintenance Repair Operation