Fires Through BC Create State of Emergency: Lumber Industry Watching

British Columbia is experiencing its fourth worst wildfire season on record and has declared a state of emergency as of August 15th, 2018. While the fires aren’t as big or close to communities as they were last year, fires are all over the province this year, as opposed to concentrated in several areas like a year ago.

Newsweek reported here that: “Some 47 of the 566 fires burning in British Columbia are considered large enough to be highly visible or a threat to public safety, Global News reported. Smoke from the wildfires in British Columbia was drifting down into the United States, contributing to an air quality advisory issued this week for parts of Oregon.”

Anyone who paid attention to the wildfire situation in Canada last year may suspect this is an annual declaration. 2017 was rife with wildfires across Canada and parts of the US. However, this is the fourth state of emergency declared in British Columbia – 2017, 2003, and 1996 being the others.

Natural disasters and politics created volatility in the lumber industry over the last year. With the state of emergency declared in BC again, lumber availability and prices are being watched closely. Materials are not the only thing affected by wildfires when it comes to lumber stock. Air and road conditions can make transport difficult as well as impede the ability to occupy areas mills need to produce products.

While this affects the market and limits, lumber vendors are hopeful that this is temporary. Ups and downs caused by natural disasters are normal in the industry, but certainly can become more drastic.

In these cases, companies that manufacture wood products keep a close eye on how situations progress. They stay in communication with their customers and work together in any way possible to limit impacts. You can read about the impact of wildfires and lumber fluctuation last year here.

If you buy wood pallets, containers, or other packaging for your business, it’s wise to work with a vendor who stays current on everything that impacts the market. Additionally, a vendor who can help you find alternatives if your current products become too expensive or unavailable will help you thrive in uncertain times.

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