Custom Foam Packaging

Foam packaging is one of the most secure methods  for custom packaging your fragile and expensive products. Packnet designs and  fabricates foam solutions for industrial applications from a variety of  cushioning materials utilizing state-of-the-art CNC equipment and  technology.  We can help from design and material selection through  production and assembly.  We offer a full range of foam materials in any  shape, size and quantity.

Packnet is the region’s largest supplier of  pre-molded foam-in-place packaging cushions.  Packnet produces  one-of-a-kind custom free hand shots as well as production run vacuum molded  cushions. Packnet can also bring portable equipment on-site allowing our  technicians to package your fragile product right at your facility.

Packnet  engineers custom foam solutions or work from pre-existing designs that you already may have in place.  Utilizing DXF files and 2D programs, we’re able to produce a wide variety of custom foam solutions.  Most foam is die cut, saw cut, flash cut, water jet cut or custom molded to meet virtually any packaging requirement. With the help of our cad systems, we can design and engineer a custom foam solution that will meet your exact requirements. Whether you are using corrugated plastic, wood, corrugated cartons or hard/soft sided shipping cases, custom designed and fabricated foam assemblies will transform any container into an ideal shipping solution or Sales Demo Kit.

Typical Foams and Applications:   Most of these foams come in a variety of colors and densities.

  • Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS):  Commonly referred to as “Styrofoam” is a low cost beaded foam solution with some cushioning characteristics. It’s available as a molded product for high volume demands.  It may be hot wire cut or CNC routed.
  • Ester Polyurethane:   Packnet uses open cell foam that can be characterized as “spongy”.  It can be die cut or water jet cut, it is most commonly used in hard sided cases or reusable applications.
  • Ether Polyurethane:  General purpose foam for cushioning in a variety of applications.  Its color can yellow or fade over time when exposed to air.
  • Beaded Polyethylene:  Our most common and popular foam. It has good characteristics for crate lining or end caps inside a corrugated carton. Can be custom molded for high volumes.  Beaded Polyethylene adheres well to most packaging materials.
  • Extruded Polyethylene:  This is very common packaging grade foam used for end caps and general cushioning. It is closed cell foam. It bonds well to wood, corrugated plastic and other materials.
  • Neoprene or Cross Link foams: These are a PE blend that has a very smooth surface. They are commonly used for protection of painted parts (in reusable packaging) or clean room environments due to durability and tight cell structure.   There are minimal particulates since this type of foam tends not to break down and emit particles. They are also used in returnable packaging as layer pads or partitions.  Neoprene is either waterjet cut or die cut for custom applications.
  • Anti Static and Conductive Foams:   These are commonly used for ESD sensitive products.   These foams are available as a Polyurethane or Polyethylene.
  • Expandable Foam-In-Place:  This is two component liquid foam (polyurethane) that is formed when the two chemicals are heated and combined. Used for one of a kind packaging of high value or sensitivity. Foam-in-place is offered in-house as well as at customer site with our portable system.  Packnet also fabricates pre-molded foam cushions in-house for repetitive higher qty needs. It is available in two different densities:  A50W and G-Flex foam.

Contact Packnet and let our experienced people help you  with your custom foam  packaging needs.