Shipping and Handling Monitors

Impact & Environmental Recorders Prevent Damage to Fragile Goods

Impact & Environmental Recorders Prevent Damage to Fragile GoodsShockWatch Impact & Environmental Recorders help monitor and record impact and shock vibration to your equipment, structures, and storage environments – ensuring protection from costly damage. Additionally, they provide an ongoing record of the environmental conditions of the product, equipment or structure being monitored.

ShockWatch Impact & Environmental RecordersMonitor critical goods and equipment that need special care and handling in transport, storage, and use. Shock, vibrations, and unacceptable environmental conditions can cause costly damage. Identifying responsibility for these unacceptable conditions is the first step in preventing damage and downtime.ShockWatch Impact & Environmental Recorders provide ongoing monitoring of the intensity and duration of shock and vibration to large stationary or moving equipment, structures, and products. Triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer technology is used to record impact direction, amplitude, and duration. Optional sensors also record changes in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

Impact & Environmental Recorder Products:

ShockLog 298 records the date and time of up to 870 shock and vibration events, time slots, and summary data.

ShockLog 248 records the date and time of up to 15 shock events, time slots, and summary data.

ShockLog 208 offers an entry-level impact monitoring solution of time slots only.

ShockWatch g-View monitors and records impacts during the transportation, storage, and usage of products and equipment at an affordable price point.

Impact & Environmental Recorder Applications

  • ffshore oil platforms and equipment
  • uilding structures and foundations
  • arehouses and storage facilities
  • asers, missiles, and satellites
  • ower transformers
  • asers and missiles
  • uclear materials
  • iomedical equipment
  • ind turbines
  • nd much more

Benefits for a More Profitable Business

ShockWatch’s impact recorders:

  • Decrease costs related to damage incurred during operation, shipping, handling, and storage
  • Encourage adherence to product storage and handling guidelines
  • Provide a visible deterrent to improper operation and handling
  • Allow for corrective action in cases of potential impact, vibration, temperature, humidity, and pressure extremes
  • Pinpoint potential areas for improvement in operational, shipping, and handling processes
  • Isolate when and where unacceptable conditions occur and identifies accountable parties
  • Confirm acceptable conditions during equipment operation, shipping, handling, and storage
  • Identify potential product design issues resulting from operation, shipping, and handling
  • Characterize operational or transportation route conditions
  • Alert recipients to inspect goods or equipment for damage

Features Designed for Maximum Performance

ShockWatch’s impact recorders feature:
Shared Features: (ShockLog & Micro ShockLog)

  • Tri-axial piezo-electric accelerometers
  • Self-contained unit – no cables or wires
  • User-programmable impact scale ranges (ShockLog: 1G, 3G, 10G, 30G, and 100G; Micro ShockLog 10G and 100G)
  • Date and time stamping (ShockLog: up to 400 events/512 days; Micro ShockLog: up to 128 events)
  • LED lights provide visual notification of alarm or warning conditions
  • Password-protected software
  • IP67 rated RF screened

ShockLog-Specific Features:

  • Definable data collection frequencies
  • Warning alarm levels correlated to user-definable impact scale ranges
  • Programmable specific wake-up values maximize battery life
  • Detailed Certificate of Calibration included – recalibration services provided by ShockWatch
  • Uses C alkaline or lithium battery
  • Optional external sensors record temperature, humidity, and pressure

Micro ShockLog-Specific Features:

  • Detailed event recording for up to the 10 highest G events
  • Time slot recording for complete shock and vibration history
  • User-definable data collection frequencies and warning alarm levels
  • iButton user interface
  • Uses AA alkaline or lithium batteries
  • Optional humidity sensor
  • Set-up and data collection are independent of a computer

Innovative Software for Reliable Data and Analysis

The ShockLog and Micro ShockLog are offered with a comprehensive Windows-based software program that allows you to program your own wake-up, warning, alarm levels, and frequency of data collection. When a pre-programmed impact level is exceeded, data will be stored for future analysis. With the software, you can also configure the devices directly or via iButtons to extract data and generate reports and charts.