Shipping and Handling Monitors

Impact Indicator Product Selection Guide

Using This Selection Guide:This selection guide and sensor activation table should always be used a starting point. Packaging design and construction may affect the correlation between drop height and ShockWatch activation.This guide is for reference only. We recommend that you speak to a ShockWatch representative before placing an order.

Two things you need to know to select a ShockWatch sensitivity:

1.Cubic feet of shipment (height x width x depth)
2.Weight of shipment

ShockWatch Label Selection Guide (Metric)

ShockWatch Clip, Multi-G, and Tube Selection Guide

MAG 2000 Selection Guide

Low Fragility Zone – Applicable in situations in which both visible and hidden damage is possible, and a single extreme impact will cause damage to product. Pertains to products transported via a variety of modes.

Average Fragility Zone – Applicable in situations in which there is a moderate degree of stability and survivability built into the product, and in which a standard mode of transportation is used.

High Fragility Zone – Applicable in situations in which hidden damage is the key concern. Typically, these products will be constructed of low tolerance components such as data storage drives, optical lenses, or any other products that require precise alignment. Pertains to most products that require specialized modes of transportation, such as air-ride vans or extended travel in hydro-cushion railcars.