Shipping and Handling Monitors

Temperature Recorders for Environmentally Sensitive Goods

Prevent mishandling of your environmentally sensitive goods with ShockWatch Environmental Recorders. These portable data loggers accurately monitor and record temperature and humidity for products being transported and stored. Data collected can be used to graphically analyze environmental indices.

ShockWatch Environmental Recorders

Control your assets througout the transportation and storage process. ShockWatch temperature recorders give you the ability to monitor and record temperature and humidity to ensure acceptable environmental conditions for your sensitive goods.

Environmental Indicator Products:

DataScribe RH52:
This device monitors and records temperature and humidity through a linear dual channel. Its small size and built-in sensors allow it to go where no other logger can, which enables it to be easily concealed for added security. Despite the small size, this device is accurate, reliable, and has a large memory capacity. Accuracy is an impressive +/- 1 degree F and +/- 3% RH guaranteed. The quality of the RH sensor is unaffected by condensation, immune to most reagent vapors, has a fast response time, and has excellent long-term stability. The large memory and long battery life make this device ideal for remote applications. It records up to 16 months of hourly readings in protected memory, ensuring that you don’t lose your data if the battery is removed.

A single button starts the recording, and the status lights blink an immediate pass/fail indication of your critical limits. Alarms are date and time stamped to show exactly when a problem has occurred. The alarm and min/max delay features allow time for the DataScribe to equilibrate before testing critical limits.

DataScribe Jr.:
This device monitors and records temperature through a single linear channel using either an internal or external sensor. It is available with optional remote sensors that can monitor extreme temperature environments such as freezers, heating ducts, and climate-controlled environments.

Data collected from the DataScribe products can be downloaded to the proprietary ShockWatch WinDataSoft Software for graphing and analysis including Dew Point, Degree Days, Comfort Index, Shelf Life, and Mildew Index.

DataScribe Transporter:
This accessory allows retrieval of the entire data record from many DataScribes. The built-in display and simple two-button keypad provide the user with a comprehensive instrument report and also allow any DataScribe to be reset in the field. The data can then be imported into the WinDataSoft software for further analysis.

Environmental Recorder Applications:

  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical products
  • Photographic chemicals and supplies
  • Perishable food products
  • Sensitive electronics
  • Agricultural plants
  • Wood products
  • Paper products
  • Ammunition
  • Livestock
  • And much more

Benefits for a More Profitable Business

ShockWatch temperature recorders:

  • Reduce product damage and loss from shipping, handling, and storage
  • Provide ongoing record of unacceptable exposure, including precise time and date
  • Protect the quality and integrity of products
  • Encourage adherence to product storage and handling temperature guidelines
  • Ensure safety and health compliance
  • Ensure chain of accountability in storage and transportation
  • Identify potential product quality problems before delivery to end-user
  • Protect against/reduce warranty claims
  • Pinpoint trouble spots in storage and transportation
  • Enable control of energy costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and provide a visible marketing edge

Features Designed for Maximum Performance

ShockWatch’s temperature recorders feature:

  • Programmability to begin operation at a future date and time
  • Date and time stamp for alarms
  • Large data memory size – 64kB (RH52) and 32kB (Jr.)
  • Precision temperature sensor
  • Visible status alert to indicate normal operation (green LED) and alarm conditions (red LED)
  • Fast data retrieval does not interrupt recording operation
  • No delay after set-up
  • Memory and set-up are saved even upon battery removal
  • Unaffected by saturation and most chemicals through a thin-film polymer capacitive IC (RH52)
  • Pocket-portable
  • Rugged construction built to withstand harsh field conditions
  • Extended battery life
  • CE and FCC certified

Innovative Software for Detailed Data & Analysis

The proprietary ShockWatch WinDataSoft Software is used to calibrate the DataScribes and download data. Downloaded data collected from the DataScribe products can be used for graphical analyses and mathematical calculations such as: Permanance Ratio, Mildew Index, and Mean Kinetic Temperature.