Industrial Pallets

As part of our wood packaging services, Packnet also manufactures and provides customized pallets in small or high volume. Pallets are built to your specifications and requirements at any volume using the highest quality tools, materials and skills. Pallets are custom or machine built, depending on the special or standard sizes requested. The wood products used are able to be recycled and re-manufactured (using recycled lumber) if you choose.

A computer design service provides quality assurance to your order and the pallets will perform to your specific needs.

Pallets are manufactured locally in Minnesota, but meet your regional, national or international shipping needs. They are Heat-Treat certified (HT) and ISPM 15 Compliant for export and fumigation services.

Contact Packnet today and let our experienced staff help with a current or upcoming project requiring custom packaging and to receive more information on our Industrial Pallets.