Long Term Protective Packaging Solution that Spares You the Price Hike?

on January 9, 2018

priceincreasesThe demand for protective packaging has been on the rise for everything from consumer products to industrial equipment and machinery. According to the Packaging World article, “Protective packaging market to see growth:”

“One of the major trends emerging in the market, the report notes, is increased investment in R&D to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials. Vendors are investing in innovative technologies to develop packaging materials that can be recycled and reused.”

This reflects the continued social climate that demands sustainability and green practices. We’re seeing the need for sustainable packaging as a whole, not just in the protective materials. A large segment of this is attributed to consumer products:

“Also according to the report, the demand for protective packaging is expected to grow because of an increase in its usage in the online shopping industry. The growing popularity of online shopping and the adoption of protective materials for packaging are expected to have a favorable influence on the protective packaging market in the U.S.”

However, there is a significant niche in need of specialized protective packaging that isn’t intended for general consumers. This includes companies transporting contents to tradeshows and sales calls, as well as manufacturers of industrial equipment and products. Additionally, companies that ship fragile products like electronic components, lab equipment, and products for the medical community have specialized needs for their cargo. Finding the right solution isn’t easy, and it isn’t cheap.

“Further, the report states that the rise in raw material costs is a major key challenge for the U.S. protective packaging market. Leading vendors have increased the prices of their products to offset the effect of the rising costs of raw materials.”

Increasing the price of products hurts a company’s position amongst its competitors, as does unreliable product protection. So the answer may not be long-term increased spending on protective materials, but rather an initial investment in a permanent solution that reduces costs over time.

Whether your contents are small, large, heavy, or light, having a custom reusable package ensures your contents are completely protected. You would need to work with a company to have it built, and a good company will give you:

  • A thorough consultation to understand the product and budgetary needs
  • A free assessment
  • Engineered solution that accounts for all risk and convenience factors, including those that you haven’t thought of
  • Choices – for the design and the materials
  • Projected lifespan of the container
  • Easy access for fast setup and repackaging
  • Potential assembly at your site if needed

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