Corrugated Plastic Containers and Products

Corrugated plastic containers could be the ideal solution to your industrial packaging and storage needs. Whether your needs are simple or complex, corrugated plastic can reduce your costs. Packnet offers complete in-house design and fabricating services. Die cutting, scoring, slotting, riveting, sonic welding, and a variety of in-stock hardware such as handles, latches, straps, and buckles all make corrugated plastic the reusable, recyclable and versatile material every company could use. Corrugated Plastic offers the following advantages:

  • Durable: Plastic panels are engineered to be much stronger than typical paper solutions; corrugated plastic containers can be reused many more times than cardboard or paper.
  • Flexible Solutions: We can engineer custom corrugated plastic solutions that can solve a number of your handling and storage challenges. We can custom fabricate containers of unique size, shapes and colors to meet your packaging needs.
  • Moisture Proof: Plastic will withstand water and other chemicals to ensure longevity in less than ideal environments. HDPP and HDPE available.
  • Fiber Free: Corrugated plastic doesn’t shed; your product and storage area will have less contamination. The ideal material for cleanroom environments!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Because of its durability, plastic containers can be reused many times and because plastic is recyclable, there is no waste to contaminate the environment.
  • Printing Capabilities: Silk screen printing, digital printing and water based flexo-printing are some of the common methods of printing on corrugated plastic.
  • ESD Protection: Corrugated plastic can be made conductive to reduce static build-up and protect ESD sensitive materials.
From analysis to engineering, idea to implementation, Packnet is up to the challenge. For more information on corrugated plastic containers, contact us and our experienced staff show you how to reduce costs with our packaging and storage solutions.