Product Presentations and the Visual Impact of Consistency Right Down to the Product Case

softsidedcaseshomepagelinkYou don’t have to look very far to find a marketing expert who will harp on the importance of consistency for your brand. Customers need to see the same message, receive the same level of quality, and perceive the same behavior from both your product and your company. For a lot of companies, this is the focus of packaging and advertising.

For many companies, however, product demonstrations are a regular part of the sales and marketing strategy. Furthermore, when these companies employ several salespeople, it’s easy to lose consistency in these presentations. People find their own rhythms and preferences when they’re in the field. This is fine so long as no one strays from the consistent elements that are building both your brand and your reputation.

As Elizabeth M. wrote in her article, “Keeping your presentation consistent with your marketing collateral:”

“If your presentations look different from one another and are telling differing messages, the organization appears unreliable or untrustworthy. Your audiences should be getting the same feeling and story from everything and everyone they encounter from your company.”

In addition to compromising the perceived reliability of a company, inconsistencies rob you of any control over how your product is presented. You likely paid a marketing team and put in many of your own hours to develop the perfect “look” to expresses your product quality and company values. This is not just evident in the logo and slides and handouts, however. Your visual impact also depends on the product cases – which, as you can guess, also need to be uniform.

That is what Allegis Corporation wanted to resolve. The company has a large selection of industrial hardware like latches, handles, and hinges. The sales team members went about their own individual strategies for product presentations. They also lacked branded sales kits, which detracted from a consistent look and feel with the company’s messaging. Worse, without a company-wide standard for transporting the products, damage was occurring regularly.

Allegis chose to work with Packnet, an industrial packaging company, to find a solution. Not only did the company get a brand-consistent set of product cases, they walked away with watertight, crushproof, dustproof cases with wheels. Inside was customized foam to highlight their products and hold literature. Packnet kept Allegis a part of the entire brainstorming process to ensure that they received exactly what they wanted.  The cases alone have elevated the brand and professionalism of the product presentations.

Making the effort to have a consistent brand and presentation right down to the product case shows your audience that you take pride in what you do. It sends a clear message about the quality of craftsmanship and level of business they can expect from you. And it’s a message that can seal the deal.

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