Top 3 Most Difficult Packaging Issues

on September 3, 2016

gemstartestingapparatusManufacturers of all industries know that the wrong product packaging can result in a total fiasco for both the sender and receiver. Be it during shipping, handling, or even storage, if an order isn’t properly protected, important pieces can be rendered useless. For some manufacturers, however, solving a packaging issue is an especially challenging matter.  Specifically, there are three common factors that force manufacturers to find a non-standard packaging solution.

  1. Size/Shape. Standard-sized packaging has come a long way, but for those shipments that are very large or oddly shaped, mass-produced boxes and crates don’t cut it. Finding the right sized box and filler are important because you don’t want too much empty space to manage, and you don’t want the product to become vulnerable to damage. If you frequently ship the same goods with special packaging needs, finding reusable packaging can save you money. Using a packaging company with the resources to create a perfect fit will ensure that you don’t have to waste extra time and money to replace broken pieces. The right company will also minimize wasted space so you don’t have to pay for dimensions you don’t need.
  2. Fragility. This is an issue for both large and small pieces. Large pieces have some obvious pitfalls when it comes to fragility – they are harder to handle and take a bigger hit if they fall. Small packages containing small pieces or parts are very vulnerable to damage because they are so easy to handle carelessly. They can get tossed around en route or during loading/unloading. The packaging itself might be easy to find, but the right protective insides are very important. Foam or packing materials might not be effective enough to keep small pieces secure. Some packaging companies can custom-design protective slots or pouches to keep your contents from being rattled and destroyed.
  3. Vulnerable to the elements. Humidity in particular is very damaging, especially to electronic or metal goods. If you’re concerned about the weather conditions affecting the integrity of your products, your best option is to use a packaging company that can prevent corrosion and/or exposure to the elements. Solutions range from monitoring systems to specialized corrosion-protective wrapping.

In the end, it is often more cost-effective to hire a professional packaging engineer to customize a solution to your specific challenge. It is the best way to ensure the safety of your product, and an expert can also give you options on materials to help save you money in the long run. For reputable service and expertise in industrial packaging, contact Packnet. We can resolve all the challenges above in an efficient and timely manner. Tell us how we can help you: 952-944-9124. Request a free assessment here.