Inefficient Packaging’s Impact on Shipping Expenses

Inefficient Packaging’s Impact on Shipping Expenses

Have you recently evaluated how much extra money your packaging and/or shipping is costing you? Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

mobilepackagingpacknettruckWhen you choose packaging for your parts and products, how closely do you consider all the possible ways that packaging could cost you more money? With packing and shipping being the last steps of the manufacturing process, they are often also considered lastly for improvements to the bottom line. However, packaging can be one of the easiest ways to recover costs. Here are a few ways that inefficient packaging can be costing you more than you need to spend.

Low rate of reusability. For companies that ship containers back and forth between facilities, it is extremely advantageous to use containers that can be reused again and again. This is true whether the box is a standard size or custom fit.

Improper protection to goods. Remember, not only do packages get jostled in the shipping process, they are also handled by people and equipment. This heightens the risk of product damage during shipment. If your products and/or parts aren’t properly protected, not only are you losing money replacing the damaged items, you also have to pay to ship it again, and you risk losing a customer.

High preparation time. Ensuring that package contents remain protected can take an unnecessary amount of time if the proper system is not in place. Weigh counting can be impossible with weight variations of boxes. Additionally, some boxes can only be forklifted from two sides, adding more time to the equation.

Storage space. When boxes can’t be stored together efficiently, it wastes a lot of valuable space. Not only does this limit availability of precious storage, but it also makes it difficult to retrieve containers for reusing.

These issues are exactly what Team Industries was experiencing when they approached Packnet for a solution. We were able to find the perfect answer in our PermaPal Containers. Their indestructible, environmentally-friendly construction eliminated solid packaging waste. We were able to virtually eliminate product damage, and the boxes allowed for weigh counting and forklifting from every side. Additionally, the 30-pound boxes are stackable, saving space and time.

We handle a lot of requests like this and help companies save both time and money on their packaging and shipping. Packnet offers a free consultation so you know we get you the greatest return for your custom and industrial packaging needs. Call us at 952-944-9105.

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