Is OSB an environmentally friendly packaging/ crating material?

Is OSB an environmentally friendly packaging/ crating material?

In a previous blog post, we discussed using Oriented Strand Board (OSB) in some of our wood packaging products, specifically our Slot Lock™ Container. OSB is commonly used in constructions for floor underlayment’s, walls and roofing. The construction industry has approved OSB as a substitute for plywood. OSB is cheaper and has better shear strength. OSB had reputation of edge swelling when exposed to moisture, but that issue was address several years ago with a change in binding resins. OSB also is more uniform than plywood as plywood has all the tree imperfections. Since OSB is shredded into chips, the tree imperfections are eliminated.

Both OSB and Plywood are biodegradable and can be recycled in a number of different ways. In some areas there are recycling centers that handle wood. Some builders and handlers will run the material through wood chippers and use it for landscaping. OSB and plywood can be burned without emitting toxic fumes into the environment.

OSB is considered more environmentally friendly than plywood because smaller, younger trees may be used because of the shredding process. A variety of trees may be used for OSB such as aspen, balsam poplar, birch, maples and some pines. These trees come from fast-growing forests or woodlot thinnings. There is always an abundant supply of raw materials. Plywood on the other hand requires larger trees because the wood is shaved off as thin layers. OSB uses a higher percentage of the tree than plywood.

OSB mills in the US and Canada are self sufficient in heat energy for both process and internal building heat. They also meet or exceed all local and national environmental regulations.

Since OSB is exempt from ISPM 15 regulations so it can be used in all crating and packaging materials used in export.

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