ISPM 15 updates and modifications

ISPM 15 updates and modifications

ISPM 15 is a global standard for packaging wood used for international shipments.  The standard requires that wood be either heat treated to 56 degrees C to the core for 30 minutes, fumigated with Methyl Bromide to the schedule in the ISPM15 document or dielectric heated with microwave or radio frequency heating.   A licensed ISPM 15 mark can be stamped on approved treated material.  The ISPM standard was a treaty initially ratified in 2002 as an international effort to control the spread of invasive species by wooden packaging materials.   Each year more countries are signing on the treaty.

The regulation is a living document that is being updated to address specific issues that arise or allow for new technology.  Some examples of modifications, clarifications or updates in the recent past:

  • Dielectric or Microwave heating was added as an approved method for wood treatment.   This method has the potential to be a more cost effective and environmentally friendly technique.
  • Document was update to address “add-ons”, where in the course of a journey it is determined that more wood is needed to adequately brace the product.   In the revisions, different situations are addressed such as directly attaching to ISPM 15 wood vs. not attaching and how the wood should be marked.
  • The US and Canada are working to streamline processes to make cross border shipments fully ISPM 15 compliant.   This effort has been going on for several years and is scheduled for completion in January 2016.
  • Any ISPM 15 compliant packaging material that has been repaired must be recertified before it can carry the ISPM 15 stamp.
  • Several wood products are now exempted from the ISPM requirement that were previously subjected to the treaty.  Basically wood product that has zero chance of insect infestation is exempted.  Examples would be processed wood that would include particle boards and plywood that use a process that irradiates the pests.

Packnet is certified to source and process approved materials and stamp all finished products with a Packnet specific ISPM 15 marking.  Packnet is licensed and audited by the Timber Products Inspection Agency.    Packnet stays abreast of changes to ISPM and makes sure that its packaging materials are in compliance with current and future regulations.

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