Low cost corrosion protection during long term storage

Low cost corrosion protection during long term storage

Longer term outdoor storage of large, bulky and expensive machinery can present quite a challenge if one does not have access to an adequate indoor storage facility. Just such a challenge presented itself to The UK Environmental Agency when the first of six large cranes were delivered to the dock on the Thames River. The other cranes were to follow in the next 18 months so the first crane delivered needed to be kept corrosion free for at least two years while sitting on a river dock.

The solution was placing VpCI®-132 Foam Pads throughout the crane surfaces, then wrapping the crane with VpCI-126® Shrink Film. VPCI® products emit vapors containing special molecules that bonds to metal and forms a protective coating that retards corrosion. The foam pads can be used in a variety of applications. They have a higher level of VPCI® chemicals per square foot than other cortec products, providing a higher level of saturation for metal protection. This product is excellent for protection of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, and alloys such as: steel, copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, solder, silver, etc. Cortec VpCI-130 Series Foams do not change critical physical and/or chemical properties of electronic components, and are suitable for protection of printed circuit boards.

VpCI -126® Shrink Film not only has the special emitting molecules that the foam pads have, but it has superior mechanical properties to assure against punctures and rips during application. It shrinks to 80% of its original size can seal at temperatures between 190 – 240 F. It can be shrunk using a variety of heat tools and has excellent transparency properties. By using a shrink film, one can avoid messy spray or foam applications and clean up after storage.

The end result was that the cranes were corrosion free when finally unwrapped for installation two years after the first cranes delivery. Cortec provided a low cost solution for long term storage in a highly corrosive environment. Cortec products are environmentally friendly as well as safe for humans. For more information about Cortec corrosion inhibitors, please contact a Packnet representative or visit our corrosion inhibitor web pages.

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