Manufacturing trending to become more flexible and focused

Manufacturing trending to become more flexible and focused

A couple of interesting articles on US manufacturing trends; one is by KPMG – Global Manufacturing Outlook and another by Industry Week – 5 Manufacturing Trends that will Shape the Market in 2015.

Both articles are claiming that manufacturing is on the cusp of significant transformations, and rethinking their business models to adapt to the higher level of volatility seen in the market place.   A higher emphasis on flexibility and velocity (product flow) is needed to respond to a very sophisticated market place where social media is keeping consumers informed on products and technology.

As a result manufacturers are more focused on fewer investments and rely on supply chain partners rather than expanding capabilities.  The meaner, leaner and more flexible approach will drive manufacturers to rethink their supply chain management.   Manufacturers will develop more demand driven supply chains and strive to increase supplier transparency.  A higher level of collaboration between a manufacture and its partners are a must.  The higher level of focus on core competencies will drive manufactures to reduce non-core operations and find partners who excel in specific capabilities.

Packaging and crating is certainly one of these capabilities that most manufacturers will want to find “partners of excellence”.    Packnet is participating in this trend by offering new and exciting services that help manufactures with their flexibility and focus.

One is providing pre-kitted packaging systems on demand.   Many packaging container systems take up space and inventory as well as requiring an ability that most manufacturers don’t excel at.    So a manufacturer who traditionally would have kept inventory and personnel to manage the packaging are now off-loading that to packaging partners.   Packnet assembles the packaging kits based on customer demand-pull and delivers when needed.

A second Packnet innovation is its mobile packaging services.   This service is more for large, specialty equipment manufacturers, but the principle is the same.  It allows the equipment manufacture to focus on its core capability and off-load packaging and crating to a specialist.  In this case Packnet brings the needed container systems, packaging equipment and trained personnel to the company when the products are ready to ship.  Packnet crates the components at the customer site, often using custom designed packages.   Shrink wrapping, foam in place, humidity controls, impact monitoring and corrosion protection are just some of the capabilities that Packnet brings right to the customer door step.

Innovation in industrial packaging, responsiveness, flexibility and a fierce desire to satisfy the customer are some of the characteristics that drive Packnet’s growth.  Contact Packnet to see how our innovative packaging concepts can help you become leaner and more flexible.

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