6 Questions for Manufacturers to Choose the Right Packaging

corrugatedfiberboardhomepagelinkBetween compliance, customer requirements, and product protection, there is a lot for manufacturers to consider when choosing product packaging. If anything happens to your product because the packaging was poor, your business and customer relationships can suffer greatly. It’s important to choose wisely before you learn the hard way that your package wasn’t up to par. Before you settle on options, ask yourself these 6 questions.

  1. Does it meet all relevant regulations? If you’re shipping overseas, for example, you need to know ISPM requirements. If you aren’t adhering to all compliance, you can experience shipping delays and extra costs. You can read our article on ISPM marks here.
  1. Do you know all customer handling, receiving, and inspection requirements? Factors like labeling specifications are important to know before you choose your packaging, so capture all of that from the customer ahead of time. For example, if the product is subject to inspection, the customer may prefer a bulk package that is easy to open and reseal when it comes time for inspection.
  1. How is it being transported? Different modes of transportation will expose your package to different kinds of handling and environments. The containers will also be secured differently on each vessel. Remember that most packages set for air or sea shipping will also spend time on a truck. Pack for the trip.
  1. What special packaging needs does your product have? Perishable, hazardous, and high-value products often require special or custom packaging solutions. However, you may also need to veer from standard packaging depending on the product’s susceptibility to sunlight, temperature, and physical stress.
  1. Is it reusable? Sustainability is important, and reusable materials/containers can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you have a reverse logistics program and committed supply chain partners (who may benefit from your savings, as well), you can set up a reusable packaging program.
  1. Is it eco-friendly? Recycled and recyclable materials will also make your overall package more sustainable. This quality is becoming important to more people every day.

If you’re unsure how to answer some of these questions, or if you know the answer but still can’t identify the right package, you should consider working with an expert. Packnet understands how all of the above factors will impact your product and your brand. We deliver solutions that save you time, stress, and extra expenses. Contact us at 952-944-9124 or request a free assessment