Has Crating Been Addressed in your Lean Strategy Yet?

How one company reduced its crating time from 45 minutes per container to ten with the right packaging solution.

automotive supply chainThe manufacturing industry has bounced back from the recession, and ecommerce has completely changed business forever. People can order your products from anywhere in the world with a click, and they expect delivery ASAP. With such a high potential for customer orders and a labor shortage in the industry, many manufacturers have explored new ways to improve efficiencies. Terms like Kaizen, Just-in-Time, Six Sigma, and 5S are all part of this new manufacturing culture in which we actively eliminate waste and improve productivity.

When it comes to waste of time, motion, or materials, look closely at your packaging process. This is one area in which the potential for improvements is almost guaranteed. Companies that package parts or products that are fragile, expensive, and/or sensitive know that crating takes care. This can often slow down the process in a way you don’t want to cut back from. However, if the packaging system itself can be improved to speed crating time and offer more protection, it’s a definite win for your business.

That is what Hydra-Flex found to be true with it’s crating system. This company specializes in chemical delivery systems. It engineers leading-edge manifolds, injectors, and rotating nozzles. It is vital that this equipment arrives on time and without damage, so crating is a critical process. Before finding a better way, it took employees 45 minutes to crate each container. This is clearly a significant amount of time that could be cut with the right solution.

That’s exactly what Hydra-Flex was able to do with Packnet’s Slot LockTM Containers. The container systems now allow employees to crate each product in a mere ten minutes without compromising on quality or safety. In fact, the Slot LockTM containers offer better protection, and the customers prefer the look of them.

Travis WIlk, Production Supervisor at Hydra-Flex, comments:

“The Slot LockTM container is neat, tight, folds down easily, and assembles rock solid. The presentation is fantastic. Packnet is dependable, reliable, and efficiently delivers a quality product that saves our company money.”

This is just one example of how the right packaging system can drastically improve crating and packaging productivity. Package efficiency is a must for any business that is growing or struggling to keep up with customer demand. Other ways in which packaging can create waste is when it takes up too much space, doesn’t offer enough protection, and if it could be reusable but only survives a couple of shipments. For a closer look at how your packaging/crating can go Lean, contact Packnet. You’ll immediately notice our outstanding customer service: 952-944-9124. You can also fill out a contact form or request a free assessment.