MDI products meet a wide variety of packaging and storage needs

MDI products meet a wide variety of packaging and storage needs

Packnet proudly distributes Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI) products.   MDI is a manufacturer of standard and customizable plastic totes, trays and boxes. MDI offers progressive development and employment opportunities to those with disabilities since 1964.  The plastic container products are made out of corrugated plastic and are durable, reusable and versatile in their use.  They come in a variety of standard colors and sizes.   Custom sizes and colors are also available through special orders.

The corrugated plastic containers can be re-enforced with metal wire, they are printable and can be made nestable or stackable.  Some can be made to be delivered unassembled to save on storage and shipping space.  They are lightweight and very durable.

The applications for these totes, trays, bins and boxes are diverse.  They are used in mail rooms, warehouses, manufacturing operations, retail stores, libraries and schools.   They can be used to store parts on the manufacturing floor or in stock rooms.   They can be made for industries where contamination is critical such as the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries.  They can withstand a wide variety of environments in terms of temperature, humility and chemicals.

They can be used for organizing products or components at assembly operations.  Color coding allows easy organizing and identification of parts.  Containers can have detachable lids or be self closing.

The fact is that these containers can be made to virtually any size, color or configuration that is needed.   Uses for these products are only limited by ones imagination.   Click here to download MDI’s catalog,  or contact Packnet to discuss your needs.

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