Mobile transport solutions for delicate electronic systems

Mobile transport solutions for delicate electronic systems

gemstarbosscaseTransporting expensive test equipment for use by field technicians can be a cumbersome if not expensive task.  A technician has to lug around equipment, assemble and disassemble it and lug back to the home office.  Keeping the equipment damage free as well as the field technician injury free can be a challenge.

Packnet recently provided a solution to solve this exact problem.  The client is a major electronic control system specialist and builds a variety of instruments that use electrical and electronic control systems along with custom designed software.   The clients customer needed a solution for transporting a very expensive test system so that they could do field testing on their generators.  The customer simply could not afford the risk of damaged equipment so they came to Packnet for a solution.

Packnet custom fabricated a transport case using a Gemstar hard sided case.  The solution included adding a custom fabricated metal flange that allowed the mounting of a display panel and some special routering on the case for ventilation.  The case was also modified for easy access for removal and display.

The client was delighted with the solution and was especially grateful that Packnet was willing to supply the initial builds in low volume so that the concepts could be field tested.  One of Packnet’s real strengths is its ability to economically fabricate custom solutions in very small quantities.   They also have the ability to quickly ramp up to high volume production.

Packnet proudly distributes and customizes Gemstar hard-sided cases for a variety of transport solutions that include sophisticated field equipment as well as sales demo kits.  We have the ability to add a variety of hardware and graphics as well as do specialized routering on the case.   We also fabricate custom foam inserts for added cushioning and protection. Please see our Gemstar solution page for more information.

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