Monitoring Your Product during Shipping

Monitoring Your Product during Shipping

The nightmare scenario for everyone shipping a valuable product is that it is damaged or non-functioning on arrival.  In many instances, damage during shipping is obvious.   The shipping container is badly torn, dented or crushed.   

Sometimes damage during shipping is not obvious:  The product gets to the customers dock with the container appearing to be in good shape.  Yet the delicate product is not working.  One explanation for this is that you shipped the product that way and it’s up to you to prove otherwise.  This is where Packnet’s handling indicator products help.

There are a variety of events that can occur during shipping and handling that can impact a product:

  • Temperature extremes
  •  Impact
  • Vibration
  • Tilting

Packnet has dozens of products that can measure or indicate any of the above events.  There are two very basic categories for these products:

  1. Indicators:  These are single use sensors that activate when the product has experienced an event that is outside a given threshold.  For example a product may change color when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees F.  With these types of products one will know if the packaged experienced an event beyond the set limits, but not much more information would be given.
  2. Monitoring/recording:  These sensors provide more information such as date and time of the event and the actual measurement.  Some products can also continuously monitor and record events to give you a complete picture of the environment that the package saw during shipping and handling.

Whether one uses 1 or 2 depends on a number of factors including cost, as the monitoring/ recording sensors can be much more expensive than the single use indicators.  Sometimes just knowing that a threshold was exceeded is enough, other times it might be more complicated.  A product can easily withstand a momentary exposure to a given temperature, but it can’t be exposed for an extended period of time.   Recording sensors are also used for experimentation and testing as well as trouble shooting problem areas during shipping.

For more information on these products please go to Packnets shipping and handling 

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