New product announcement by ShockWatch™

New product announcement by ShockWatch™

ShockWatch™ has introduced a new product called “ShockWatch 2”.  Packnet is a distributor of ShockWatch™ products, which are monitoring and detection solutions for impact, tilt, temperature, vibration and humidity.   These products may be single use or reusable indicators set at various thresh hold levels.   ShockWatch 2 indicators help assign accountability and assist every handler in the supply chain refine their process so the events may be prevented in the future. The data can help manufacturers, packagers and shippers valuable determine what changes in routes, procedures and packaging methods can be made.

ShockWatch 2 not only helps protect your product, but it can actually reduce your supply chain costs.  ShockWatch 2 indicators are field armable and mechanically–activated devices that turn bright red when an impact has occurs.  Model options range from 5G – 75G for sensitivity levels. They are also serialized and tamperproof so that they provide irrefutable proof of product mishandling.

Read the latest Packnet press release on ShockWatch products.

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