One of the basics of Total Productive Maintenance is cleaning

One of the basics of Total Productive Maintenance is cleaning

If you work for or are associated with a maintenance department, then you probably work on some sort of preventative maintenance program.   Total Productive Maintenance is a step up from preventative maintenance.   The lowest level of maintenance is “wait until something breaks”.    While initially it seems to require the least amount of resources, it is ultimately very expensive as the maintenance department runs from one fire drill to another.

Preventative maintenance focuses on maintaining equipment so that it doesn’t break down.    Equipment downtime is planned so production is not disrupted.   Lubrication, part replacement and inspection are the main parts of this program.

Total Productive Maintenances goal is not only to prevent unplanned downtime, but to maintain and even enhance equipment productivity.  There can be some sophisticated elements to this such as maintenance based on statistical analysis of equipment output.  One of the key elements of a Total Productive Maintenance program is cleaning.   A clean machine runs better, experiences less wear and tear, has less corrosion and is easier to inspect.   Corrosion can slow machines down, corroded windings on a motor can result in higher resistance which results in less efficient operation, more stress on the motor and a higher cost to operate.  Corroded rods, gears and other metal surfaces will increase friction which again increases engine load, which reduces engine life and efficiency.

Every Maintenance department that is serious about preventative or productive maintenance needs to consider Cortec VpCi products for MRO and electronics.  These products include cleaners, coatings lubricants and emitter wraps.   They are very effective at cleaning equipment and protecting it from corrosion.  These products are environmentally friendly and safe for the workforce.

Contact Packnet to see how Cortec corrosion protection products can help with your maintenance program.  More information on MRO products

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