Outsourcing packaging may be your best option

Outsourcing packaging may be your best option

mobilepackagingpacknettruckOutsourcing packing and crating could be the most profitable decision you make in 2016.  First, let’s clarify; we are not talking about small products where thousands are shipped every day; we are talking about  large and bulky products and probably very expensive materials.   Some examples might be custom automation equipment, large  processing equipment and large transport vessels.

Consider the advantages of outsourcing packing where the supplier comes to your plant with custom designed and fabricated crates and then packs and loads your products into the truck.

Fewer Inventories:  Large bulky equipment can require packaging materials that can take up a lot of space as well as tie up cash by sitting in inventory.   Packnet brings the materials to your factory on the day the product ships, no inventory required for packing materials.

Lower labor costs:  Companies that ship products twice a week or less frequently don’t have resources dedicated to packing and crating. They are using existing employees who are experts in other things.    Their efficiency at crating is going to be far less than that of an experienced packing technician, who also has the best tools to do the job.  It would not be a stretch to say that Packnet would save dozens of man-hours in total time.

Lower capital investment:  Many packing and crating tasks for large items require special equipment.   As a packing and crating specialist, Packnet has every type of tool needed.   Some of these items could be expensive.    Buying expensive tools and equipment for something that is done a couple times a month or less frequently, is probably a poor investment.  Save your capital to automate things you do every day, let Packet take care of packaging the equipment for you.

Lower Risk of Injury:  Inexperienced packers using inadequate tools and equipment has the potential for injury resulting in lost time and added workers comp costs.  Packnet has experienced technicians with the best tools for the tasks and are trained to do the job with minimal risk for injury and strain.

Lower Risk of Shipping Problems:  An experienced packing and crating technician knows exactly how to secure materials so that they arrive at the destination undamaged.  Packnet understands all the legal requirements for international shipping and how to containerize an overseas shipment that will withstand the all the possible ways that a crate could slide, tip, tilt or be bumped during transport.

Peace of Mind:  There are hundreds of things that could go wrong when packing, crating and shipping large, heavy and expensive materials.   By using Packnet, you can be assured that things will done per best practices and the chances of any problem are greatly minimized.

Packnet specializes in mobile packing and crating, where we come out to your plant the day of shipping, bringing all the materials, tools and supplies needed to do the job.  Our mobile packing services have now expanded to more locations in the US.  Contact us today to get a free assessment of your mobile packing needs.

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