Packaging considerations for a LEED construction project

Packaging considerations for a LEED construction project

A builder that wishes to attain a LEED certification for a construction project needs to go through a fairly sophisticated checklist.  The checklist involves a lot of issues but the main criteria involve the impact relating to the following areas:

  • Water conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor air quality
  • Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials have minimal impact on the environment over their lifecycle.   Recyclable or 100% biodegradable materials will usually get a good LEED score.   Materials that last “forever” and would never need to be replaced would also score high.

While there is no specific LEED score for packaging, its impact on the environment can affect the LEED score for the building project.   Choosing recyclable and/ or biodegradable packaging materials can help with your LEED score.    The environmental impact is evaluated based on what happens to the packaging materials during and after the construction phase.

Reusable packaging that is certified as being returned to supplier for future reuse could also add points to the LEED score.

Packnet does not build packaging for paint, or building materials such as windows or flooring, but if the project involved heavy industrial equipment that required packaging or crating, Packnet has a number of packaging solutions that meet LEED criteria.

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