Packaging Solutions for the Medical Device Manufacturer

Packaging Solutions for the Medical Device Manufacturer

There is an expression in the medical device manufacturing area for basics in manufacturing: “keep it clean, keep it dry and record everything”.   This axiom certainly applies to shipping and storage. 

Keep it Clean:  Use non shedding packaging materials such as corrugated plastic.  Wrap the product in bio-safe materials from Cortec to ensure that there is no chance of containmentation during shipment.

Keep it Dry:  Products can be sealed in moisture proof wrapping that prevents corrosion as well as dissipates ESD.  Outer package can be moisture proof plastic to assure that the packaging container is not wicking in water.

Record everything:  Packnet offers a full line of shipping and handling monitors that can record impacts, tilts and temperature extremes.   These can be either set to thresholds or offer continuous data gathering.

Packnet can engineer custom packaging solutions for the medical industry as well as any other industry.

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