Packnet and Cortec team up to solve brass corrosion problem

Packnet and Cortec team up to solve brass corrosion problem

Brass is an ideal alloy for many applications because of its smoothness, hardness, conductivity and beauty.  It is not a precious metal such as gold or silver but it does have properties that can come close.   Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and it is much less susceptible to corrosion than copper.    Brass or brass plated products are used in electronics, plumbing, decorative hardware, valves, musical instruments, shell casings and a number of other applications.

There are actually many types of brass depending on base metal ratios or additives.    While brass is more corrosion resistant that many metals, it can corrode or tarnish.   This tarnish can affect both the cosmetic appearance and properties such as smoothness.

Packnet recently teamed up with Cortec to help solve a valve manufacturer’s corrosion problem on a brass product.    The corrosion doesn’t appear for several weeks or months after manufacturing which adds another dimension to finding a solution.

With the help of Cortec’s test lab capabilities, a solution was developed that involved Cortec’s products.    The proposed solution is a multi step process involving aggressive cleaning and corrosion removal followed by coating the part with an anti corrosion material.

VpCI-418LM (cleaner) and VpCI-426 (rust remover) were used to clean the surface and remove any corrosion.  Cortec VpCI-316 (rust preventative) was sprayed on to prevent future corrosion.  The entire process is performed in a parts washer.

Cortec is testing the products in its environmental chambers along with a control to show the client the effectiveness of the solution.   The testing shows improvement in performance through aggressive humidly aging.

Packnet is proud of its partnership with Cortec and has been able to provide cost effective solutions to a variety of corrosion challenges with environmentally friendly products.  If you have a tough corrosion problem, contact Packnet and get a professional analysis.

Here are the spec sheets for the Cortec Products


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