Packnet announces waterjet cutting capability

Packnet announces waterjet cutting capability

Packnet announces waterjet cutting capability

Burnsville, Minn. (July 14, 2008) – Packnet, a provider of custom packaging solutions and precision cutting services, announces the addition of the WaterjetPRO™ CNC cutting system into its line of precision cutting capabilities. Packnet already offers a variety of CNC cutting capabilities including their Omnitech router, Holzma horizontal beam saw, flat bed die cutter, Omga optimizer and Kongsberg production table. The Flow waterjet cutter was the next natural progression in becoming able to offer enhanced capabilities within their target market of cutting and processing nonmetallic materials.

Packnet Ltd. CEO Mike Nyberg said, “The WaterjetPRO™ will not only allow us to increase our production efficiency and capability within our protective packaging line of products, but also allow us to further extend our market within precision cutting of a variety of non-metallic materials.”

Waterjet cutting is a process of machining that utilizes pure water or water and abrasives that are pressurized to create a thin stream of fluid that will cut through almost any material. The water is pressurized at up to 60,000 psi and then forced through a directional nozzle.

Packnet’s WaterjetPRO™ projects a stream, which is extremely thin, with 0.004″ to 0.050″ in diameter being the common range. This allows the machine to cut exceptionally detailed geometries in every imaginable design. It also allows for tight, inside 90 degree angles to be cut. In addition, because the cutting stream is so thin, very little material is lost. This allows parts to be nested together extremely tight and maximizes the number of parts a given raw material will yield.

With the ability to utilize pure water or an abrasive and water mixture, a variety of materials such as foams, carpet, felt, rubber, ceramics, stone, wood, glass, Fome-Cor®, Sintra® and plastics can be cut. Packnet’s WaterjetPRO™ produces superior edge quality with little or no burr, no heat affected zones, low contact force with the cutting stream and no distortion or warping of materials.

Packnet Ltd. is a privately owned company headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota. The company provides precision cutting services which include CNC routing, die cutting, panel cutting, and waterjet cutting. Packnet also specializes in custom packaging solutions which include wood crating, custom foam packaging, corrugated plastic packaging, corrugated fiberboard, custom industrial carts, and shipping cases.

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