Packnet continues to invest despite the stagnating economy

Packnet continues to invest despite the stagnating economy

There has been some good news and bad news for US industry lately.   Data from the Institute for Supply Management shows that US manufacturing has declined for the third consecutive month.  Up until recently US manufacturing has been one of the few bright spots since the start of the 2008 recession.  On the other hand the US Auto industry has been reporting strong sales in a number of markets.  This is good news since the Auto industry is a major contributor to the US economy.  The housing market continues to show progress with increases in single family home construction reported and the strongest increase in housing prices in four years.  On the other hand home-improvement projects came to a sudden halt resulting in an overall .9% spending decrease in construction.

There are certainly no clear signs of a strong recovery in the next several months.  One wonders if the upcoming election will have any influence on that.   The last few years have been tough on a lot of businesses.

Packnet has been able to stay economically strong during these rough times by:

  • Being responsive to our customers
  • Providing quality products and services
  • Continual cost reduction
  • Aggressively pursuing new business

Packnet continues to invest in its core processes to come up with more efficient ways to service our markets.

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