Packnet creates a custom shipping case solution

Packnet creates a custom shipping case solution

A recent case study demonstrates Packnet’s creative use of it is capabilities and its flexibility in creating custom packaging solutions for customers.   Vaddio manufactures cutting edge camera technology for the audiovisual, videoconference and broadcast industries.  Vaddios sales staff has their products on hand when meeting with potential clients.   The fragile equipment needs to be shipped and transported safely as the equipment travels across the world to be at demonstration meetings.

Specialty cases are required that are exceptionally strong and convenient to transport.    Vaddios previous transport system was extremely expensive as the existing supplier was marking prices so high that they became cost prohibitive.

Vaddio met with Packnet and expressed their concerns and needs.   Packnet quickly came up with a solution that was both effective and met cost constraints.   Packnet customized a Gemstar Sentinal 1824-12 case by using its waterjet cutting and die cutting capability to create custom foam inserts.   The customized case was light but very durable and could safely transport equipment.  The case is on wheels and has a pull out handle so that it can be easily hauled through airports.

Ken Hanson, Vaddio Project Manager, was impressed.   “I really appreciated working with Packnet and two of the many reasons is because they listened and provided a solution in a short amount of time”

If you have a special transporting or packaging need, Packnet can create a custom solution that will meet your requirements.   We pride ourselves on being responsive, flexible and cost effective.

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