Packnet does not offer one size fits all packaging solutions

Packnet does not offer one size fits all packaging solutions

USPS has a flat rate shipping program for priority mail. If it fits in a standard size box and weighs less than 70 pounds, it can ship anywhere in the US at one flat fee. There are several commercials where a friendly postal worker comes into a work place and promotes the great new service. In the TV commercial, everyone lauds the new program because it simplifies things- just put it in a standard size box; if it fits, it ships.

We are sure that many businesses appreciate this simple program from USPS. But the “drop it in a box and ship it” is not the type of customer that Packnet serves. Packnet’s customers have products that are heavy and bulky or very delicate. Packnet’s customers are concerned about protecting their products from shock, vibration, corrosion or shipping them overseas in the safest most efficient way possible.

They may need added protection from the elements or monitoring systems to ensure that the product did on not experience excess impacts, tilting or temperature extremes. Some of Packnet’s customers need multifaceted solutions where packaging containers also can be used for in-process material handling. Many of the solutions require reusable solutions like trade show containers.

Most of Packnet’s customers require a custom engineered solution that requires a broad range of fabrication, design and material capabilities to create the material handling and packaging solution that saves the customer money, while protecting their valuable products from damage during shipment, manufacturing or storage.

You wouldn’t see a Packnet worker come into a business with a simple “one size fits all” packaging solution like the friendly US Postal worker because Packnet does not offer “one size fits all” packaging solutions. Packnet offers custom engineered packaging solutions. By the way, like the postal worker, Packnet workers are very friendly.

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