Packnet is upgrading its capability with new equipment

Packnet is upgrading its capability with new equipment

Packnet is continuing to expand it capabilities.   We are bringing in 2 new pieces of equipment that will expand our capacity and upgrade our capability.

Omnitech CNC Router

A second CNC router is set to arrive shortly; it is very similar to the router that we already have, but just a little more versatile with a slightly smaller bed.  The Omnitech router is programmed with a language referred to as G-Code and it creates a great deal of flexibility in terms of job set up.  Parts can be precisely routed quickly.   Multiple routing heads can be used without any downtime.  Because of the speed of set up, Packnet can produce very small quantities efficiently.

Vertical Beam Saw

The second piece of equipment is an HP-3 computerized Vertical Beam Saw.  This is similar to our CNC Holzma HPP 250 Horizontal Beam Saw in that allows us to do precision panel cutting with supreme efficiency.  Both saws allow for cutting of multiple sheets of plywood, OSB, MDF or plastic corrugated at one time. The Vertical Beam saw has a few more safety features and is slightly more automated.


Together these new equipment additions give Packnet greater capacity and flexibility to serve its customers.


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