Packnet Offers On-site Packing and Crating

Packnet Offers On-site Packing and Crating

Packnet continually strives to make it as easy as possible for its customers to utilize its packaging expertise.  One example is Packnet’s on-site packing and crating services.  If you are located in the Upper Midwest, Packnet will come to your facility and crate your product.   We at Packnet are the experts in packaging and crating, by having us come to your facility and pack your cargo, you are maximizing our expertise to its fullest.  In general we can save any company time and money by using our onsite service.

The common reasons why customers choose mobile packing and crating services include:

  • Equipment being shipped is too sensitive to transfer to our facility
  • The equipment is too large to move
  • Time constraints or lack of expertise
  • Convenience:  Packnet does the work and coordinates the rigging , if needed
  • Valuable space savings by having Packnet store all the materials.
  • Packing for long term storage with corrosion inhibiting services available
  • Minimizes clutter

Packnet also offers mobile foam in place packaging.  Technicians can be dispatched to your facility with minimal lead times.  Foam in place packaging provides excellent cushioning to minimize risk of damage during shipment.

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