Packnet uses multiple materials to create custom pallets

Packnet uses multiple materials to create custom pallets

custompalletsOne of the packaging and crating solutions that Packnet offers is customized, reusable pallets.  Packnet has fabricated pallets in non-standard sizes, or created heavy duty pallets as well as adding foam cushioning to reduce the impact of vibration during shipment.

Some of our custom pallets involve assembling different materials together to create the ideal solution.  One recent example is a solution that was jointly developed by our customer, a local manufacturer of fluid-handling systems.   The customer wanted to develop a more robust reusable pallet system for interplant transport.    The pallets would be shipped to its suppliers where they would fill the pallets with raw casting to return for machining and assembly.  Empty pallets would be returned to the suppliers for restocking.

The pallets were designed to hold the castings with special cnc cutouts that matched the parts shape.  The original design used medium density fiberboard, but the customer wanted more durability.   So Packnet added reinforcements by changing the decking to PVC.   The intent is for this pallet to be reused over a few years.

This example demonstrates how Packnet can collaborate with its customers while using its vast capabilities in material fabrication and assembly to create a custom pallet solution.  The CNC routered openings were machined based on CAD files supplied by the customer, which designed the original pallet concept.

Packnet’s capability is not just limited to sawing, machining and routering wood.  Packnet also uses its capabilities to create solutions using a variety of plastics sheets as well as many types of materials such as foams and corrugated fiberboard.  It is not uncommon for Packnet to develop a solution that combines plastic sheets, custom foam inserts, specialty hardware and wood.   We invite you to review our case study page to see the variety of industry solutions that Packnet has created.

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