Packnet’s 6 Step Process assures customer satisfaction

Packnet’s 6 Step Process assures customer satisfaction

Making sure that our customer is completely satisfied with our custom engineered packaging solution is not a matter of luck.   It’s a matter of commitment, hard work AND a robust process.   Packnet has developed a multi- step process that starts with our first meeting with the customer and continues on through on-going production.  It took a lot of work and learning pains for us to perfect this system.

Below is a partial listing of the proven 6 step Packnet process:

  • A complete understanding of our customers’ packaging requirements.   This includes check points and customer acknowledgement of the scope of work.
  • Thorough communication within the Packnet organization of the customer’s needs.  Our designers and engineers collaborate internally and with our customer to maximize our technology in conceptualizing a solution.
  • We provide our customers a detailed proposal that includes costs, lead-times and all terms.  The customer will know exactly what to expect.
  • In accepting a purchase order, we do a complete review of specifications and documents to make sure that everything is in place to proceed with the order.
  • First time orders that require first article or prototype submissions must meet a comprehensive check list before delivery to customer.
  • Follow up with the customer to insure complete satisfaction.

Packnet realizes that desire, enthusiasm and commitment are needed, but without a consistent process of reviewing and checking, the ultimate goal of 100% customer satisfaction cannot be met.  Please contact us at 952-944-9124 to learn more about our proven 6 Step Process and the “Packnet Difference”.

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