Packnet’s CNC Routing serves a variety of needs

Packnet’s CNC Routing serves a variety of needs

Packnet utilizes a wide variety of equipment and materials to provide its customers with the optimal custom packaging solutions. Packnet also uses its capabilities to provide stand alone services.

One example is our CNC routering capability. Packnet can provide fast and accurate cutting and routing services on a wide variety of materials including plywood, OSB(Oriented Strand Board) and a variety of plastics. Examples of types of applications include signage, table placemats, speaker enclosures and coasters.

Packnet’s 5’ x 10’ Omnitech routers have eight position automatic tool changers and nine position vertical boring blocks. Multi-bit tool changer dramatically improve change-over time and eliminates downtime. With this technology, Packnet can produce one of a kind product or high volume efficiently.

Below is a video that highlights Packnet’s routering services.

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