Packnet’s mobile packaging service will give you peace of mind

Packnet’s mobile packaging service will give you peace of mind

Shipping large, expensive or delicate equipment overseas is a daunting task at best with so many issues to understand and address:

  • What packaging materials should be used?
  • How to keep the product from water or corrosion damage?
  • What if I need to ensure the product stays erect?
  • What are the proper documents to fill out?
  • How should the crate be marked?
  • What are the best carriers for shipping?
  • Are there any sizing limitations to consider?

A product that is shipped overseas will be subjected to a myriad of conditions, handling, costs and inspection that most domestic shipments won’t see.   Salt water, rocking ocean vessels, port equipment handling, local transportation factors, regulations and a variety of other factors come into play.

This is exactly why many companies that export are using Packet’s mobile packaging services.   Packnet will handle the crating and packing right at your facility.  Packnet will custom engineer and manufacture a crating and packaging system and determine what precautions need to be taken to best insure a safe shipment.  Packnet will insure that the packaging materials and markings conform to international import standards.  Packnet will handle the project from beginning to end, and our materials are ISPM15 compliant.

When you are shipping delicate, expensive and/or large equipment, you want to make sure every shipping detail is covered so that your shipment has the best chance to arrive to its destination on time, on budget and damage-free.    Read about a recent case study where Packnet helped a company crate and ship a 30,000 pound injection mold press for export.

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